New direction, new location, new blog

Welcome to my new blog. Though my old blog, Kitchen and Residential Design, is still alive and kicking; I felt it was a better move to branch out into a new forum as I document some of the changes I’ll be undertaking in the next few months.

I’ve been blogging for the last five years and for the most part, I’ve covered the home renovation and building product niches there. This blog’ll be different though.


I’m in the throes of shifting careers and moving back to my home town. I’m going from being self-employed and working while sitting on my sofa in boxer shorts to getting dressed and going to an office every day. I’m going from living in an urban neighborhood where I can buy sushi in the grocery store to a suburb of a small city where such terms as “sushi” are unknown.

I’m heading back to my hometown after having spent the previous 25 years plying my trade and figuring out who I am. Happily, I know who that person is at this point and it’s just time to complete a circle.

This new site is also an excuse for me to master the thing known as WordPress, so bear with me as I teach myself how to write code and to turn myself into a bigger internet nerd than I am already.

This site’s format and layout will change over the coming months, mark my words. Any advice you have will be well-received, trust me. I’ve been working with WordPress for at least two years and the deeper into I get, the more complex it is.

This site’s URL willl change eventually too. Ultimately, it’ll be at and it’ll function as a living resume and a forum to catalog  my culture shock as I make this transition. If you’re reading this, the odds are you’re someone I know. Unlike my other site, this one’s not about building an audience or reaping a lot of advertising income. What I aim to do here is leave a record of me and of my life.

I hope you find it to be interesting.


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