Anymore, it feels like I live out of a suitcase. Eventually this will settle down but for now I’m trying to pack for three weeks of winter weather in Pennsylvania, Germany and The Netherlands. Though it’s warm and sunny here right now, it won’t be in any of my ports of call.

This means that I have to pack a boatload of sweaters, jackets, scarves, etc.

I get it that my problem is a first world problem and I’m incredibly grateful for the fact that I travel as much as I do. But even so, that USAirways is going to nick me $60 for checking two bags tomorrow galls me. I get it, my big suitcase needs to be checked. My smaller one however, could be a carry-on if I made an issue out of it.

I won’t make an issue of it. When airlines started to charge for checked bags the whole idea of a carry-on exploded in the popular imagination. The crap I see being stowed in overhead compartments anymore is ridiculous. All those carry-ons do is make air travel even more inconvenient. Getting on and off a plane is a pain in the ass.

Overhead bin space gets used up almost immediately and makes people even crankier. Here’s an idea, charge me more for a ticket and let me check my bags for free. This nickel and diming thing has to end. All it does is encourage people to carry on bags and all that does is make it harder and more time-consuming to get on and off a plane. Enough already. It’s bad enough that I have to submit to the TSA’s absurd security measures (can anybody say “security theater?”) The airlines make air travel even more ridiculous. Charge me to check a bag and charge people who plan to do uncooperative things like recline their seats or travel with lap dogs.

Let me read and have ready access to the lavatory. I’m a good passenger, really.


One thought on “Packing

  1. I think they should charge for carry-ons in excess of one bag and make checked bags free. This all started because people didn’t want to wait for bags at the carousel. Now with bar codes and more efficient systems, it takes less time to claim a bag—but more time to get on and off the plane.

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